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I read, teach, and write about technology and humanity--how the world we've built and are building shapes who we are and are capable of becoming.

I teach interdisciplinary courses at the intersection of law, economics, business, ethics, and technology. My Villanova site has more details. You can find links to my nonfiction books on the books page. I also write shorter pieces for Scientific American, The Guardian, and other publications.

Shephard's Drone is my first novel. I wrote most of it between 2010-2013 and then spent years editing, revising, and fine-tuning it. I am excited for it to reach you! 


Let me know what you think about it. Review the novel on your favorite sites and social media.

PS: In case you're wondering about the photo: At the conclusion of a conference about law and comics, my students chided me for not wearing a costume. So I revealed my inner superhero. 

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